Boulderfestival im Obergailtal

During the bouldering festival we intend to define, grade and name new boulders in order to establish a new area on the bouldering map. However, our main goals remain the social and fun aspects of bouldering. According to our motto Cooperation instead of Competition I would like to invite you to enjoy some relaxed bouldering in Obergailertal. Campfires, places to sleep and spaces for vans and tents are available free of charge around Hepi Lodge.

On Friday and Saturday evening we look forward to having DJ Feichtler at Hepi Lodge.

You may use your own car to reach the Obergailertal, but I would like to invite all visitors to carpool because parking is very limited in the valley. Food and beverages are provided for. 

For further information please refer to or call us at +43 699 17220374.

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